ModChat 055 - LineageOS on Switch, Mariko Released, Final Live Episode w/ Modern Vintage Gamer

August 14, 2019

switchroot's port of LineageOS to the Nintendo Switch is finally out in the wild! In this episode of ModChat we discuss our thoughts and experiences with Android on the Switch. We also discuss the long awaited Mariko revision of the Switch, which finally released this August. The 3DS also gets some free love in the form of the Bannerbomb3 release, which we take some time to discuss as well.

Now as the title says, and as we talked about on ModChat 054, this will be the final live episode of ModChat as well as Paranoid Coder's last episode as a permanent co-host. Due to this, we wanted to do a proper send off and go out on a positive note. After the topics we discuss are sorted through, we want to do a Christmas episode early... Which means we'll do a drunken Q&A with Modern Vintage Gamer as a guest! Oh yeah, that too. We wanted to go out by bringing on one of our all time favorite guests onto the show for the final live episode. Enjoy~

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