ModChat 038 - PS4 HEN 4.55, PS3Xploit v3 HAN, Switch CFW in Progress!

March 22, 2018

This seems to be yet another fruitful month of modding news for PlayStation consoles all around, and the Switch yet again! We touch up on a few custom firmwares now being worked on for the Switch, a new PS4 HEN to come out for firmwares up to 4.55, PS3Xploit being updated, and even come out with a bit of Vita news! Before you get too excited for that last one, be aware that you will still need a Vita on 3.60, still nothing yet for any stock consoles on a higher firmware.


ModChat 037 - Switch Homebrew Launcher, PS4 4.05 & PS Vita Roundup!

February 21, 2018

More Switch and PS4 modding updates! We've jokingly thought of calling this NintendoChat with all of the Switch homebrew related news coming out, but that has to be good news for the Switch homebrew scene! Some of the topics we go over in this include: Team-Xecuter's Switch modchip being delayed, a Switch Homebrew Launcher being released, NVIDIA Shield TV getting emulated GameCube/Wii games, and some news for the 3.67 PS Vita firmware!


ModChat 036 - Switch Modchip by Team-Xecuter, Switch Homebrew Channel, All the Emulation!

January 23, 2018

First episode of 2018! Join us as we speculate on the news of a modchip for the Switch by Team-Xecuter, discuss the back and forth announcements between free and paid Switch modification announcements,  as well as some exciting announcements in regards to emulation related to the Switch. Wait... It seems like this episode will mostly be Switch related news... Oops.


ModChat 035 - Taking Your Questions to Finish Off 2017!

December 20, 2017

Last year, for our final episode of 2016 we decided to go into the show with no prepared topics and have it be focused on user questions. We all had quite a bit of fun with that episode and the viewers seemed to enjoy it as well, so we figured we could start making it a yearly tradition! This time with our new host. Join us live to have some fun, ask us questions (whether or not they're focused on modding is up to you), and celebrate one final ModChat stream for 2017!


ModChat 034 - PS3Xploit 4.82, PS4 PKG Installs on 5.01, Webpage Cryptomining w kiwidog

November 15, 2017

On this episode of ModChat, we're joined by our guest kiwidog who has been a friend of the show for some time now! kiwidog has been spending a good amount of his free time reverse engineering the PlayStation 4 and can hopefully provide some more insight and clarification on some of the new updates coming out from the modding scene in regards to some of the modding news we tackle on this episode! On top of tackling some PS4 news, we also look into the new announcements and releases from team PS3Xploit in regards to new development on the 4.81 PS3 firmware. In short - there might soon be software only downgraders for the PS3, no longer requiring a hardmod to downgrade and modify the console! As a side topic as well, we also discuss the rise in websites using cryptominers in place of advertisements and what our thoughts are on the matter.


ModChat 033 - PS4 4.05 Kexploit Release, ReSwitched Tools, Trying Custom ROMs on Android

October 25, 2017

On this episode of ModChat, the hosts discuss a few new homebrew related releases for the Switch and PlayStation 4. We see Team ReSwitched release several tools for homebrew developers on the Switch, and talk about some new PS4 homebrew news as well. A big one being a Kexploit release for consoles on firmware 4.05, and discussing a demonstration of some upcoming PKG installations shown on firmware 4.55. Still in the realm of modding but a bit of a tangent, we also look into some recent licensing controversy with the upcoming Seedi game console, an emulation machine which plays games directly from a CD! Pair that with some Android OS talk, this sounds like it'll be a fun episode.


ModChat 032 - NoNpDRM & Virtual Game Cart for Vita, Retail Games on PS4 1.76

September 20, 2017

On this episode of ModChat, the regular duo of hosts discusses many new recent developments in the PS Vita scene! This includes some leaks related to the Cobra Blackfin device, the release of NoNpDRM, the standardization of the .psv format through the release of Virtual Game Cart, and some rumblings from the PS4 scene! It seemed like this was going to be a Vita/PS4 only episode but we also got some Nintendo related news as well in the form of the Flog NES emulator on Switch, as well as discussing Super Mario 64 Online being taken down.


ModChat 031 - smhax Patched, ntrboot Released, and Fried GameCubes!

August 23, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we seem to dedicate the entire thing to Nintendo related topics! With some Switch development brewing, it has been revealed that firmware 3.0.1 has patched "smhax" which could hold back many fully updated users from utilizing homebrew anytime soon. ntrboot aka ntrboothax aka Magnethax has finally been released, working on every iteration of the 3DS hardware family and now allowing anyone to easily modify their console! And hold on.... Fried GameCubes?! Stay tuned.


ModChat 030 - PS4 MTX KEY for Gamesharing, Switch Kernel Dumped, Wii U Finally Updated!

July 19, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we tackle several new developments witnessed recently! A big one being the PS4 MTX KEY, which serves as a method of tricking the PS4's account activation method to share games between a seemingly unlimited amount of consoles. We delve into the news of Switch kernel being hit by modders, the 5.5.2 Wii U update, and more! 


ModChat 029 - GTA5 Takedowns & Homebrew Xbox Live Interview w/ kiwidog

June 23, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we are joined by kiwidog, an experienced reverse engineer and homebrew/modding software developer, who agreed to come on for an interview in regards to the Homebrew Xbox Live project we discussed several episodes prior. At this point development has been handed off from him to another user, but we still get to obtain quite a bit of insight from this! We also discuss the recent takedown notices Take-Two has been sending to developers of GTA5 modding tools, boot9strap/sighax being released for the 3DS, and we take a brief look at Vantage Tool for the Xbox One!