ModChat 031 - smhax Patched, ntrboot Released, and Fried GameCubes!

August 23, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we seem to dedicate the entire thing to Nintendo related topics! With some Switch development brewing, it has been revealed that firmware 3.0.1 has patched "smhax" which could hold back many fully updated users from utilizing homebrew anytime soon. ntrboot aka ntrboothax aka Magnethax has finally been released, working on every iteration of the 3DS hardware family and now allowing anyone to easily modify their console! And hold on.... Fried GameCubes?! Stay tuned.


ModChat 030 - PS4 MTX KEY for Gamesharing, Switch Kernel Dumped, Wii U Finally Updated!

July 19, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we tackle several new developments witnessed recently! A big one being the PS4 MTX KEY, which serves as a method of tricking the PS4's account activation method to share games between a seemingly unlimited amount of consoles. We delve into the news of Switch kernel being hit by modders, the 5.5.2 Wii U update, and more! 


ModChat 029 - GTA5 Takedowns & Homebrew Xbox Live Interview w/ kiwidog

June 23, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we are joined by kiwidog, an experienced reverse engineer and homebrew/modding software developer, who agreed to come on for an interview in regards to the Homebrew Xbox Live project we discussed several episodes prior. At this point development has been handed off from him to another user, but we still get to obtain quite a bit of insight from this! We also discuss the recent takedown notices Take-Two has been sending to developers of GTA5 modding tools, boot9strap/sighax being released for the 3DS, and we take a brief look at Vantage Tool for the Xbox One!


ModChat 028 - HENkaku Ensō, Xbox One Homebrew, Anti-Piracy Mod on Nier Automata w/ Paranoid Coder

May 17, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we're joined by Paranoid Coder as our guest and cover several topics related to the Vita, Switch, and some actual Xbox One developments! Nier: Automata is also discussed quite a bit as we look into a modification released for the PC version of the game which includes anti-piracy protection and even a Steam ID user blacklist!


ModChat 027 - NES Classic Discontinued, PS4 4.55 Vulnerabilities, Xbox One Chakra w/ kiwidog

April 18, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we are joined by kiwidog, an experienced reverse engineer and homebrew/modding software developer, who helps give us some more insight on a few of the topics we cover! We express our thoughts over the NES Classic being discontinued by Nintendo, vulnerabilities teased by qwertyoruiop on the PS4 going up to firmware 4.55, and a Microsoft Edge browser vulnerability confirmed to be working on Xbox One!


ModChat 026 - Nintendo Switch Vulnerabilities, RPCS3 Development, 4K Cemu w/ Paranoid Coder

March 15, 2017

Since our previous episode we have a whole new console to play around with: the Nintendo Switch! While many have been busy playing the new Zelda quite a few 3DS, Wii U and even iOS devs have picked up the console and started to rip it apart. A hidden internet browser was found in the OS which led to us seeing some of the first vulnerabilities leftover in the system! We're also seeing some crazy development in the emulation scene, with two mentioned here being RPCS3 (PS3) and Cemu (Wii U). More and more games are playable on RPCS3 while we're also seeing games run in native 4K on Cemu!


ModChat 025 - Sega Saturn Online, PS4 Save Modding, RetroBlox Modular Console

February 22, 2017

With recent developments in the modding scene we've been seeing a nice mix of old and new this past month! Coming off last month in which we discussed rumblings of a homebrew version of the original Xbox Live being worked on it seems fitting that we now have the Sega Saturn online utilizing VoIP, being a nice improvement over what has already been out there! Among a few of the PS4 rumors going around we plan to talk a bit about the upcoming save editors coming out, as well as some rumors of development up to firmware 4.50 so far! News of a new system has been floating around as well with a prototype of the RetroBlox showing up at a recent expo, this one being quite an important emulation based console as it is the first one out there to handle CD based games!


ModChat+ 006 - WE’RE LIVE! Resident Evil 7 & 3D Printing

February 1, 2017

ModChat+ is the spin-off series we occasionally do in conjunction with ModChat in which we talk about whatever we want to... Except modding. This has always been more of a "bonus content" podcast which we do here and there. We have designed ModChat+ to be a series in which people who want to hear more about the hosts personal interests and ramblings can listen to, however if you're only here for ModChat then you're still guaranteed to have that on a monthly basis!

This also ranks as the first live episode we've ever done of ModChat+ since all the other episodes were created when the series was in a pre-recorded format.


ModChat 024 - Homebrew OG Xbox Live, NES Classic Modded, 3DS SoundHax & SigHax

January 18, 2017

In this episode of ModChat we plan to talk about the rumblings of a homebrew revival of the original Xbox Live which is planned to work for original Xbox games on the Xbox AND Xbox 360, the recent discovery of the NES Classic being modded, and new exploits announced and released for the 3DS such as SoundHax and SigHax! The latter of which has been stated to be the end of the 3DS with it being something that Nintendo will not be able to fix. Crazy stuff, man!


ModChat 023 - Taking Modding Questions, RetroPie, Game Collecting with Jonny Guns

December 11, 2016

For this episode we decided to finish off 2016 with a big viewer discussion! We're joined by our special guest, Jonny Guns, to talk about PS4/Xbox One modding statuses, tackling the RetroPie with an infinite variation of projects, and discussing a few fanboy topics such as Apple vs. Microsoft! We hope you enjoy this episode and return for more in 2017 :D