ModChat 050 - Vita Homebrew Games, Switch Controllers on Chrome, PS4 6.20 WebKit Release

March 20, 2019

50 episodes into ModChat, crazy! We definitely plan to touch base on this milestone, but we of course have to have our modding topics as well. Some of this episode's topics include highlighting a few awesome Vita homebrew games from VitaHEX, a new GTA patch from TheFloW, Switch controller support in Chromium, and more! Stay tuned.

ModChat 049 - PSXitarch Linux, modoru Vita Downgrader, PS3 4.84 Update

February 20, 2019

A slower news month this time around, but still some awesome releases and news to cover regardless! In this episode we discuss the teased progress of homebrew coming on PS Vita firmware 3.70, PSXITA releasing their own distribution of Linux for the PS4, a PS Vita downgrader released by TheFloW, and more! Stay tuned.

ModChat 048 - RetroArch Xbox One, Modding Ban in Japan, reF00D for PS Vita

January 30, 2019

New year, new month, new episode! Over 4 years of ModChat going strong now! In this episode we discuss RetroArch being ported to 3 consoles, an amendment which could throw a wrench in the modding scene in Japan, and the release of reF00D for the PS Vita! Those are just a few of the highlighted topics we have for this month, stay tuned and listen for more.

ModChat 047 - PlayStation Classic Mods, Nintendo vs. Soulja Boy, Drunk End of the Year Q&A!

December 19, 2018

A light month for topics this time around due to the third annual end of the year celebration of making this a big Q&A session! For the most part we normally start these with no topics in mind and focus everything on what the audience wants us to talk about, so be prepared for a laid back show. We are wanting to touch up on some big topics this time around though! Including the rapid progression of PlayStation Classic mods and Nintendo going after a few people selling pirated games, such as Soulja Boy! Aside from that, we'll be hanging with you all and answering what we can. Alcohol might or might not be involved, tune in to find out the answer to that.

ModChat 046 - PS4 HDMI-CEC Code Execution, Legal DRM Exemptions, PCSX ReARMed in PlayStation Classic

November 14, 2018

More news coming out of the Fail0verflow camp with a new write-up detailing possible code execution on all current PS4 hardware models thanks to the console's HDMI-CEC features! We also discuss several new legal changes towards the way DRM can be broken at a federal level. We also get to revisit the PlayStation Classic we fanboyed over with MVG in a previous episode, as news has come out that it uses the open-source PCSX ReARMed emulator as opposed to what many expected to be an in-house, closed-source emulator written by Sony. Other topics include the troubles Fallout 76 could have once it retails, YouTube terminating channels focused on reverse engineering, and more! Stay tuned.

ModChat 045 - PS4 Pirate Sued, RetroArch Switch/PS2, NES Switch ROM Swaps w/ Modern Vintage Gamer

October 17, 2018

MVG returns for another episode of ModChat, this time with even more emulation! We look into the recent release of RetroArch 1.7.5, with this having an official port to Switch as opposed to RetroNX. We also discuss the initial tease of RetroArch coming out on... PS2?! And of course we can't forget Nintendo's official NES emulator on the Switch now getting cracked open to play your own choice of NES games. In terms of Jailbreak news we also look into the PS3 getting an update which patches PS3Xploit on the latest firmware, a PS4 reseller sued for preloading and selling PS4 consoles with pirated games, and even iOS gets some love! Pangu has announced that they've Jailbroken iOS 12 on the iPhone XS, so look forward to Paranoid Coder's thoughts on it with his recent switch from a Pixel 2 to the iPhone XS.

ModChat 044 - Switch 6.0.0 Update, Pokémon Essentials Takedown, PS2 Support Dropped

September 12, 2018

This episode has us taking a look at the latest news surrounding the 6.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch, as well as the preparation being done around this update for CFW and other applications in the homebrew community. We check out some new releases, such as SwitchME and a guide dedicated to ReiNX, as well as chime in on a new takedown Nintendo has put through for the RPG Maker toolkit called Pokémon Essentials. Also, PS2 support dropping in... 2018? More on that in the show.

ModChat 043 - ROMsites Without ROMs, Fighting PS4 Clickbait, 3DS 11.8 Changes

August 22, 2018

Is a ROMsite still a ROMsite without the ROMs? We plan to tackle that in this episode of ModChat when we discuss several ROMsites taking down their collections of downloads with or without the intervention of another company coming into play. We also take a look at the upcoming news Al Azif, known for his awesome ps4-exploit-host program, assembling a blacklist of users the PS4 homebrew community can point newcomers towards and let people know who cannot be trusted in regards to anything newsworthy. Finally, a segment about a 3DS update? Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but it seems 11.8 made a ton of under the hood tweaks, as well as server-side tweaks which seem to backport some of the anti-piracy challenges from the Switch over to the 3DS!

ModChat 042 - Switch Bans, SX Brick Code Removed, h-encore on Vita w/ ModernVintageGamer

July 19, 2018

We're joined once again by ModernVintageGamer to discuss even more modding news! Following the long running trend, we do have quite a bit of Nintendo Switch news to cover including bans for modified consoles being detailed, the troublesome battery desync fix people experienced with RCM, back and forth with SX developers and reverse engineers, and new Switches out in the wild which have fixed Fusée Gelée! However we also have a good amount of non-Switch related news as well including TheFloW's release of h-encore for the latest Vita firmware, a new Xbox 360 glitch chip, GDEMU being cloned, and a few other goodies uncovered in older games. Stay tuned!

ModChat 041 - Switch Downgrades Possible, LayeredFS Mods, SX Discussion

June 20, 2018

Another episode, another massive delivery and recap of Switch homebrew scene news! Since the last episode we've discovered the Switch can be downgraded to any firmware, despite the eFuse technology we spoke about in previous episodes. We also look into a few teases we've seen such as LayeredFS, emuNAND, title installations, and more! On top of that we also plan to touch up on some good news for 3.68 Vita users, the latest 5.05 PS4 jailbreak being released, as well as discussing initial thoughts people have aired out about Team-Xecuter's SX.