ModChat 025 - Sega Saturn Online, PS4 Save Modding, RetroBlox Modular Console

February 22, 2017

With recent developments in the modding scene we've been seeing a nice mix of old and new this past month! Coming off last month in which we discussed rumblings of a homebrew version of the original Xbox Live being worked on it seems fitting that we now have the Sega Saturn online utilizing VoIP, being a nice improvement over what has already been out there! Among a few of the PS4 rumors going around we plan to talk a bit about the upcoming save editors coming out, as well as some rumors of development up to firmware 4.50 so far! News of a new system has been floating around as well with a prototype of the RetroBlox showing up at a recent expo, this one being quite an important emulation based console as it is the first one out there to handle CD based games!


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