ModChat 039 - ReSwitched Save Backups, PS4 Webkit Chip, Retail Games on yuzu Switch Emulator!

April 18, 2018

Another month, another ModChat full of PS4 and Switch modding news! We try to cover whatever we can, but each episode recently has been absolutely full of Switch and PS4 topics simply because of their respective bustling homebrew scenes. One small script, which I myself am particularly excited for, is a game save backup script for the Switch which works with ReSwitched! Something regular listeners know I've been complaining about for months has been the lack of being able to properly backup our own saves on the Switch, but now with the power of homebrew that's possible! This episode also introduces the second PS4 chip we've ever discussed, which is an upcoming chip designed to work hand-in-hand with all of the webkit based exploits available right now. This is similar to the current ESP8266 self-hosting method, except internal to the PS4 and with more robust features planned. We also talk about emulators on here for a bit, one of which being the yazu emulator designed for Switch titles on PC and the fact that we're seeing retail games run on it this early on!