ModChat 040 - Fusée Gelée Released, ElDewrito Takedown, and PS4 5.05 News w/ ModernVintageGamer

May 16, 2018

With so much modding news dropping right after ModChat 039, we had to start this list almost immediately after finishing the last episode! Here we take a look at Fusée Gelée being released into the wild on the Switch, and in regards to that we also discuss our thoughts on the Team-Xecuter solution they've been hyping up for months: SX. Along with the news of ElDewrito being taken down, the upcoming PS4 Mira framework for the PS4 5.05 jailbreak, and the FTC now forcing companies to remove warranty stickers from game consoles... Well, this will be a packed episode. Oh, and we also have ModernVintageGamer on here as a guest, so that's cool.