ModChat 042 - Switch Bans, SX Brick Code Removed, h-encore on Vita w/ ModernVintageGamer

July 19, 2018

We're joined once again by ModernVintageGamer to discuss even more modding news! Following the long running trend, we do have quite a bit of Nintendo Switch news to cover including bans for modified consoles being detailed, the troublesome battery desync fix people experienced with RCM, back and forth with SX developers and reverse engineers, and new Switches out in the wild which have fixed Fusée Gelée! However we also have a good amount of non-Switch related news as well including TheFloW's release of h-encore for the latest Vita firmware, a new Xbox 360 glitch chip, GDEMU being cloned, and a few other goodies uncovered in older games. Stay tuned!