ModChat 043 - ROMsites Without ROMs, Fighting PS4 Clickbait, 3DS 11.8 Changes

August 22, 2018

Is a ROMsite still a ROMsite without the ROMs? We plan to tackle that in this episode of ModChat when we discuss several ROMsites taking down their collections of downloads with or without the intervention of another company coming into play. We also take a look at the upcoming news Al Azif, known for his awesome ps4-exploit-host program, assembling a blacklist of users the PS4 homebrew community can point newcomers towards and let people know who cannot be trusted in regards to anything newsworthy. Finally, a segment about a 3DS update? Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but it seems 11.8 made a ton of under the hood tweaks, as well as server-side tweaks which seem to backport some of the anti-piracy challenges from the Switch over to the 3DS!