ModChat 056 - PS4 5.05 Backports, SX Core/Lite Announced, StarCraft Ghost Preserved

February 22, 2020

ModChat is alive! In this episode of ModChat I start with the open source release of xaio360, the previously unreleased Xbox 360 AIO glitch chip and SPI flasher from Team REBUG! The original Xbox gets some love in the form of a new announcement from FATXplorer getting original Xbox HDD support. With all the news of backporting games to work on jailbroken 5.05 PS4 consoles, I took some time to discuss this and how it has been happening. Team Xecuter's latest products were announced in the forms of SX Core and SX Lite, making EVERY Switch on the market capable of running homebrew! I also had to touch up on the recent news of a build of StarCraft: Ghost getting preserved for the original Xbox.