ModChat 019 - Cobra Blackfin, HENkaku, & Throwback Modifications!

August 22, 2016

In this episode of ModChat - WE'RE LIVE!!!! At least we were live, if you're reading this then that means you're viewing and listening to the completed livestream. We attempted to finally take ModChat live and ended up knocking out two things with that - Livestreaming and facecams! As we have said in multiple episodes: We want your feedback and do take the time out to read and listen to it all, we're just a tad bit slow at implementing. Many people have wanted livestreams but perhaps the most requested addition has been facecams.

Unless there is an overwhelming objection to the decision being made, this will most likely be the new format of the show in which we do a livestream of it on YouTube. That livestream will consist of topics we already have but we will also be dedicating a portion of each episode to answering questions in the chat section.

Some of the topics we discuss in this one include: Cobra Blackfin for Vita, HENkaku for Vita (and perhaps PS4), Xbox 360 drive flashing, and much more!

Of course we're always looking for improvements and constructive criticisms, so if you all have any ideas or topics you would like us to tackle please let us know!


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